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Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Leader Training

“The ultimate goal of a PHA is to prioritize the use of resources to reduce the frequency of undesirable events to practically zero.”

What makes ORE PHA Leader Training different than other PHA Leader training?

 We hear a lot of negative feedback about PHAs and PHA facilitators in the marketplace. We believe that a significant amount of that feedback is because most PHA leader training focuses on the wrong things. Much of PHA leader training focuses on things like tables of event frequencies or lists of deviations. These are important, but anyone can look these up in a book at any time. We think that real value comes from changing the way that organizations and PHA participants think about risk and “risky” activities. We believe that; “The ultimate goal of a PHA is to prioritize the use of resources to reduce the frequency of undesirable events to practically zero.” We see again and again in industry that a room full of people “brainstorming” without understanding of this goal statement tends to waste a lot of time and chase a lot of low-priority items. Worse, these exercises may fail to identify real risks!

It’s time to step up the expectations of what a good PHA Leader does! This is why Open Range® PHA Leader training focuses on hands-on, team exercises where we learn to apply and demonstrate skills in the class. Students learn industry best-practices, and then apply them on real-world PHA scenarios and real-world industry disasters by facilitating PHA teams in the class. We are constantly developing training, methodologies and tools, and identifying industry best-practices, to address the core concerns of end-user clients like yourself. In order to do a better job of that, we focus a great deal of attention bringing value to the business. We put more emphasis on how good risk identification and risk management skills can improve industry; both in process safety and profitability.

We want to raise the bar of expectations and knowledge in industry so that workers can go home safely and companies can get more benefit for their business. The core of Open Range® PHA Leader training is good application of skills for problem solving. We believe that the value of a PHA is increased when your organizational culture is full of people who think differently about risks. All risks. The ability to understand and prioritize safety risks transfers directly to every area of business performance. Because safety incidents are closely tied with process upsets and asset damage, it follows that minimizing undesirable events results in improved safety AND profitability. The best and safest contributors in the world are those who are able to identify, prioritize and address reasonable and realistic business risks in every facet of their business and personal lives.